Troubles in Ireland

Troubles in Ireland

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circa 1920


circa 1920


03min 01sec




35mm, film

black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

Rights Holder

British Pathé

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In January 1920 British ex-soldiers were recruited to reinforce the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). These new recruits were known as Black and Tans because of the distinctive uniform they wore - khaki military trousers and dark green police tunics. Black and Tans can be seen at 01:20. The Royal Irish Constabulary, under strength and demoralised, was reinforced by temporary recruits from Britain - the rank-and-file (paid 10 shillings a day) were the ´Black and Tans´; and an elite corps of Auxiliaries (paid a £1 a day and known as ´Auxies´). Auxies are also seen in action in this film. Some of the footage here is the same as in ´Military Manoeuvres´.

Shot List

Soldiers standing on street corner stop and search a man. A row of seven soldiers walk down an empty, cobbled city street, each man is holding a rifle with bayonette attached. A group of soldiers in the back of a wagon, one of them is ladling something out. Group of men, women and children lying in a ditch on the side of a country road. Three army vans with soldiers drive through a small town followed by four army vans and three cars on a dirt country road drive around the same filled in hole as seen in Military Manoeuvres. There are no intertitles with this newsreel.


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