Ulster Mirror. Programme 17

Ulster Mirror. Programme 17

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07/07/1955 (first transmission)


17min 01sec




16mm, film

black and white





Rights Holder


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A locally made fortnightly magazine programme. Features preparations for the 12th July including painting a banner, scenes in Derry, a childrens home, Copeland Bird Observatory and Hillsborough.

Shot List

00:37 Lindsay Street, Belfast. View down a terraced street, large group of people at entrance of street, bunting for the 12th. 'Cemented with Love' arch. Ulster flag decorations and William of Orange cut-out going up. Good view of arch and a large group of people. View down other decorated streets, Derry (?) the second being Nationalist (?) with partial tricolour (?). 01:47 Walls of Derry, cannon, group of tourists. Looking towards Guildhall. 02:10 Irish dancing outside Magee College. 02:37 Exterior of new childrens home, boys push younger boys who are inside Ministry of Food boxes. Woman with child on knee reading ABC book. Children playing with toy cars and football (outside). 03:52 Nurses wearing surgical masks bottle feeding babies. Girl in bed, a nurse taking her temperature and checking her pulse. Children's tea-time. Two children in a kitchen eating. Children outside house playing. 05:41 View down street, woman going into house, girl knitting, father and son doing woodwork, mother knitting, small girl puts cat into pushchair. 06:35 Old car outing - two classic cars. Checking under bonnet. Other car arrives and they drive off. 09:20 Open boat arrives at Copeland Bird observatory, erecting a CBO flag. Checking caged birds. View of a ground nesting bird, catching bird, and tagging it. Other nests and tagging. 11:20 Man descending cliff on rope, gathering eggs, being pulled up. Large number of birds flying. Small bird hide. 12:59 Hillsborough - UTA bus passes war memorial. Sign for 'Hillsborough Open Air Art Exhibition' at Shambles. Artists explain paintings for crowd. 14:10 Empty small terraced street in Belfast. Children entering shop.14:19 Outline of Orange banner being marked out in chalk, banner being painted. Finished banner with Queen Victoria shown - LOL 700. Sewing tassled edges. Attaching banner to pole. Rolling banner on pole.


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