Vice-Regal Procession

Vice-Regal Procession

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Lord Wimborne, The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland being received by the officers and men of the Leinster Regiment on their state visit to Ballincurra on 21st August 1915. August 1915 was when those who volunteered in 1914 would have completed their training, ready for service either on the Western Front or at Gallipoli. Lord Wimborne received much criticism the following April (much of it unjustified) for failing to take sufficient action to prevent the Easter Rising.


Tinted film. In 1915, a new viceroy, Lord Wimborne, was appointed, and the story was amply covered by the newsreels. The steady flow of stories on the Viceroy reminded cinemagoers of a British presence in Ireland and therefore the link with the Union, after Home Rule proceedings had been placed on hold during the war.

Shot List

'Vice-Regal Procession. The Lord Lieutenant being received by the officers and men of the Leinster Regiment on their state visit to Ballincurra. Topical 208-2' Coach takes them through town. They get out and are greeted by officers.


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