Views on a Civil Rights March in Armagh

Views on a Civil Rights March in Armagh

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Production 28/11/1968


13min 32sec





black and white


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Armagh, the day before a Civil Rights protest, and the shop owners of the area are closing up their shops in case of trouble.  A vox pop reveals very mixed opinions. Mr Hamill of the Civil Rights movement is hopeful this will be a peaceful march but insists all people deserve to be treated equally. He assures the reporter that all the leaders are from Armagh but supporters came from all over including the Republic of Ireland.  Mr McRoberts, Unionist candidate for West Belfast, is adamant that the march is being run by outsiders and ‘Communists’. Mr Hutchinson, of the Ulster Protestant Volunteers, says they intend to take action to give the marchers a “hot welcome”. His words are threatening but he sees this march as nothing but provocative and bringing in outsiders, even though he too is bringing in outsiders. Indeed Rev Ian Paisley and car-loads of supporters from all over Northern Ireland arrived in the middle of the night to take up a position in English Street. Cardinal Conway and Archbishop McCann of the Church of Ireland both appeal for calm and dignity.  

On the day, Major Bunting and Rev Paisley and their followers, many of who were reported to be armed with sticks and iron bars, occupied the centre of Armagh, causing the original route of the march to be changed. There were violent scuffles, injuries and arrests throughout the day.


An Ulster Television Production.



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