Witness Review: Elaine Dickson

Witness Review: Elaine Dickson

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Transmission 03/03/1998


25min 23sec







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Paul Clark visits Witness contributor Elaine Dickson, who has selected a couple of her favourite clips and explains why.

Elaine speaks about her time in Australia and how after university she wanted to do some "full time Christian work". This led her to Sydney where she was taught not just about the bible but how to "practically live it out" by going to areas such as Kings Cross and talking and helping all kinds of people, putting into practice "unconditional love".

This leads onto Elaine's first choice, Rev. Marisene Stanfield who while playing in her garden with her children speaks about how regardless of her children's actions she always love them unconditionally. This she states is in contrast to the current world, which she says is anything "but graceful" putting rules and regulations onto what makes a "good christian". 

Next, is Diane Petherwick who acts out a conversation with God while sitting at her kitchen table. Elaine explains how this resonated with her as she believes that our everyday experiences and our relationships with those closest to us, impact how we view God. 

Other contributors include Rev. Peter Fleming who makes a connection between a forgotten railway line and good things breaking down with neglect and Jim Allen who talks about early Christianity and its roots to nature. 


A Westway Production for UTV.

Presented by Paul Clark



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