Conversations About Cinema: Impact of Conflict

Conversations About Cinema: Impact of Conflict

Date: 28/04/2015 12:12
Between 08 and 11 May, QFT will host a number of events that examine the repercussions of conflict and the multiple ways these have been represented in, and through, film. Via films and panel discussions, Conversations About Cinema will provide the basis for an exploration of the wider cultural, human and socio-political implications of conflict and the varying ways in which filmmakers have represented conflict both historically and in contemporary cinema.

The programme features a selection of documentaries from around the world, exploring different facets of conflict, past and present; from the Syrian revolution (Our Terrible Country, 08 May) to depictions of the civil wars in Sri Lanka (No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka, 09 May) and Guatemala (Granito: How To Nail A Dictator, 11 May).

Events closer to home are the focus of Ballymurphy (showing 10 May). Seán Murray’s documentary looks back to August 1971 and one of the most notorious events of The Troubles, when eleven civilians were killed by members of the Parachute Regiment of the British Army. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring family members, director Seán Murray, Human Rights lawyer Padraig O’ Muirigh and Alliance MLA, Trevor Lunn.

Presented as part of Conversations About Cinema: Impact of Conflict, a BFI FAN initiative led by Watershed in partnership with QFT, Chapter Arts and supported by the BFI’s Programme Development Funds from the National Lottery.

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