DFA Staff Pick: Matilda the Turkey

DFA Staff Pick: Matilda the Turkey

Date: 28/04/2023 17:40

May's Staff Pick is the story of Matilda, a turkey who landed on her feet (claws?) in Ardglass. Gwen Owens took Matilda in and saved her from becoming the Sunday dinner. And in 1986, Matilda was living a life of luxury, eating the best of food and enjoying her favourite past-time of watching the washing machine. But there's a surprise at the end of this clip!



This piece is from The Ulster Way: Ardglass - Life and Fish and Festival. Part of ITV's travelogue series, About Britain, in this programme we find Michael Duffy strolling through the countryside, meeting local people and hearing their stories. His aim, to see the "countryside through the eyes of the people who live the Ulster way". By foot or by hoof, The Ulster Way takes us around 500 miles of the province. This part of the tour of the Ulster Way takes a closer look at Ardglass in the midst of its festival.

In the fourth episode of the second series Michael Duffy stops off in the coastal fishing village of Ardglass, at festival time. Meet the locals - including a pet turkey - and experience all facets of life, from work to leisure.

You can watch the full episode here where you'll also find links to the other episodes from this lovely program .