DFA Staff Pick: Pyramid Energy Kit

DFA Staff Pick: Pyramid Energy Kit

Date: 06/05/2022 00:00

In this 1992 clip from UTV’s consumer programme Check it Out, Ronan Kelly takes to the streets of Belfast City Centre to investigate the powers of the latest New Age trend from California: The Pyramid Energy Kit.  

The distinctive shape and mysterious nature of the Pyramids of Giza has captured imaginations for centuries, with theories ranging from the biblical to the extra-terrestrial. Pyramid power is the belief that the ancient Egyptian pyramids, and other objects of a similar pyramidic shape, can focus cosmic energy to promote physical and mental healing, preserve food, help grow plants, and even sharpen razor blades. 

The concept of “Pyramid Power” first appeared in the 1930s, took off as a trend in the 1970s and is still referred to today. This Pyramid Energy Kit was the latest in a long line of inventions said to harness the power of the pyramids.

Jacqui Berkeley describes the trend as “Fergie’s latest fad”, perhaps a reference to Madame Vasso Kortesis, the Duchess of York’s former faith healer and her practice of having people sit under a large blue plastic pyramid during sessions. 

But how do the people of Belfast feel under this steel rod contraption? Warm? Relaxed? Or just a bit of an eejit?


Watch the full episode of Check it Out here.