DFA Staff Pick: The Distinctive Names of the Glenelly Valley

DFA Staff Pick: The Distinctive Names of the Glenelly Valley

Date: 27/03/2024 16:26

Lesser Spotted Ulster is one of the treasures of the Digital Film Archive. The show, presented by Derry man Joe Mahon, was a natural follow-up to McGilloway’s Way, hosted by Ollie McGilloway. Both series focussed on the people of rural Northern Ireland and their stories, capturing wonderful histories from the people who lived them.

Joe and his team travelled the country, going to places not always seen on our televisions. The joy of the programmes lies in seeing stories so local that without Lesser Spotted Ulster, they might stay within the radius of a small place.

The Digital Film Archive staff pick for April 2024 is one such story. It comes from the first ever Lesser Spotted Ulster, filmed in the Glenelly Valley of County Tyrone. In it, Joe McGurk explains the tradition of distinctive names in the valley in great detail.

This particular clip is a popular one in our work with the Rural Support’s Plough On project. Plough On is a program that works with retired farmers, enhancing their social experiences and giving them a space to share stories and reminisce. The Digital Film Archive has worked with the groups to screen clips and films of rural life, inviting chat and storytelling. We are delighted to support such a valuable project and that Lesser Spotted Ulster is an important part of our work with Rural Support.