DFA Staff Pick: What do Mums Want for Mother's Day?

DFA Staff Pick: What do Mums Want for Mother's Day?

Date: 08/03/2024 09:22

What do you get for the person that brought you into the world?

In 1965, Jimmy Robinson was curious about what the mums of Belfast were receiving on Mother's Day. As it turns out, flowers and chocolate were, and still are the ol' reliable, for those last-minute gift-getters.

Our contemporary Mother’s Day celebrations are derived from the 'Mothering Sunday’ celebrations in the UK and Ireland, dating back to the Middle Ages. Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday was the only day during Lent children would be given time off work. The children would use the spare time to visit their local church and honour the matriarchs. On their walk home, picking flowers to present to their mothers, thus beginning the tradition of gift-giving on the day. It doesn’t take a lot to please a mother; follow in the footsteps of the kids before you and call round to your mum’s with a bouquet.


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