Date: 25/07/2023 10:18

Gintlíocht is an exhibition of contemporary artwork on the theme of heritage skills and crafts, in the Ulster Folk Museum. Visit the Picture House to see two projects using the Digital Film Archive. 

The exhibition brings together eight artist/artist groups who will be showing work on the theme across the site, for the month of August. These artists are: Susan Hughes, Dorothy Hunter, Tara McGinn, Emma Brennan, artist collaborators Jayne Cherry and Alice Clarke, Grace McMurray, Gerard Carson and collective Soft Fiction Projects. It is curated by Thomas Wells as part of August Craft Month and Linen Biennale, supported by PSsquared, Belfast. 

The word Gintlíocht in Irish translates to an unexplainable manipulation of materials, this metamorphosis could be described as sorcery. Their artistic practice spans traditional methods and materials into contemporary practice and approaches working in mediums of sculpture, textile, photography and video, as well as live performance. Each of the artists are rooted in the contemporary art scene in Belfast and bringing these works into the unfamiliar setting of the Ulster Folk Museum can inform our thinking of traditional methods and how they have impacted our lives today.

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To find out more about Practised Hands by Jayne Cherry, Alice Clark and Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive visit our projects section