Glide On

Glide On

Date: 04/09/2018 13:37

This week sees the launch of the new Belfast Rapid Transport system, featuring the purple Glider buses. These buses, built on the ‘bendy bus’ model (now phased out in London and elsewhere), aim to connect the city right across its breadth – a revolutionary concept as far as Belfast travel goes! Opinion as to their success has been mixed to date, but sure aren’t we always resistant to change? Just look at the vox pop below, where we see bus passengers discussing the raising of fares (including one insightful suggestion that, “If the transport was better organised, there’d be no need for increasing fares...”).


Speaking of change, let us not forget that before the buses, Belfast had the trolley buses - a fine looking fleet that were retired in 1954...

And because there's nothing new under the sun, before the trolley buses came the trams... 

And before electric trams? Horse powered, of course! 

It's too early to tell if these new buses are the wave of the future, or just glide-by-night (groan...). Either way, perish the thought they'll run on time - buses run on wheels, silly!