Haunted House and All Hallows' High Jinks

Haunted House and All Hallows' High Jinks

Date: 27/10/2018 10:00

Hallowe’en is almost here, and horror is in the air…or rather, in the a(i)rchive (too much?).

If you’ve got a taste for terror, pop down to Sailortown this Monday for a nightmarish tour through St Joseph’s Church, courtesy of Household and friends and the Snailortown kids. Incorporating archival footage and live performance in the very spookiest of settings, this event will unsettle even the sturdiest of nerves.

In this Black Mirror-esque reimagining of a dystopian present, you’ll come face to face with the destruction wrought by Horror, Inc., as they go about ‘business as usual’…decimating the city and destroying the lives of those who call it home (not to mention their actual homes).

You’ll witness a city in the grip of zombie capitalism (and try to evade a few zombie businessmen!). Seeking to discover the cause of death, an autopsy will be carried out on Cave Hill, unearthing who knows what ghoulish discoveries. Feral children will roam the building, so proceed with caution - though make sure to stop in for a hipster human pie; after all, it’s cafes, not cranes, that dominate this city these days…