Highwire thrills with Teenage Kicks film club

Highwire thrills with Teenage Kicks film club

Date: 03/03/2016 16:34

Fearless French highwire artiste, Philippe Petit is the subject of the compelling 2008 documentary Man on Wire. The film retells the story of Petit's audacious attempt to walk between the Twin Towers of New York's World Trade Centre.

Using stills and archive footage of the event itself, the film shows how Petit and accomplices attempted to pull-off what he described as, "the artistic crime of the century". The walk between the towers was some six years in the planning and required meticulous preparations, not least in order to circumvent security.

Eventually, at 7am, on the morning of August 07, 1974, Petit stepped out onto the tightrope, one quarter of a mile above ground level. What happened next? You'll have to go to The Strand to find out.

Man on Wire is showing at 04:15pm, on Friday 04 March and is presented as part of The Strand Arts Centre's Teenage Kicks Film Club.