John T Davis: His Own Trail

John T Davis: His Own Trail

Date: 22/04/2015 10:27

As part of the 15th Belfast Film Festival, QFT will screen John T Davis: His Own Trail, Director Paul McParland's "poetic portrait" of the artist and musician from Holywood, County Down.

Davis is one of Ireland's foremost documentary filmmakers, a reputation established in 1978 with the release of Shellshock Rock, a film examining the fledgling punk-rock music scene of the North. Later films, such as Route 66 (1985) and Hobo (1991) would see Davis draw on his fascination with pop culture and explore the underbelly of the American dream, whilst 1989's Dust On The Bible examined fundamentalist religion in Northern Ireland.

John T Davis: His Own Trail conveys both the director's idiosyncratic perspective on life and his talents as a musician. Interspersed throughout is footage of John travelling through America - the place that acts as the wellspring for his imagination - alongside clips from a number of his documentaries. 

John T Davis: His Own Trail will screen at QFT Belfast on 23 April.