John T. Davis: In Film and Song

John T. Davis: In Film and Song

Date: 29/02/2016 13:23

On Wednesday evening, 02 March, the Belfast Nashville Songwriters festival turns its attention to John T. Davis, with the renowned filmmaker and musician being the subject of not one, but two events.

First, there will be a rare opportunity to see Heart on the Line, his 1990 documentary examining the lives, ambitions and attitudes of Nashville's songwriting community. The screening will be followed by the album launch for Davis' Last Western Cowboy and Indigo Snow, two collections that speak to his fascination with Americana. John will perform several songs from the albums.

The second event of the evening will be a screening of Paul McParland's John T. Davis: His Own Trail, a film that attempts to unravel Davis' singular outlook on life and which details his career as a musician.

John T. Davis: Heart on the Line screening and Last Western Cowboy / Indigo Snow albums launch - Syrian concert room, Clayton Hotel, 07:30pm to 9pm

John T Davis: His Own Trail - Syrian concert room, Clayton Hotel, Belfast 09:50pm to 11pm

John T. Davis : His Own Trail : Trailer from Paul McParland on Vimeo.