Museum of Transology at Paperxclips

Museum of Transology at Paperxclips

Date: 20/04/2024 12:00

On Saturday 20th April 12-3pm Paperxclips are helping collect objects that represent YOUR life as a trans, non-binary or intersex person for the Museum of Transology. 

In total, the Museum of Transology is building 15 new local collections in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales… Bringing them all together for their 10 year anniversary exhibition 2025.

All you have to do is bring your object to Paperxclips and Queer Inclusive Museum author and queer exhibit designer Margaret Middleton @magmidd the @transprideni team will help you save it in transcestry.



You can find out more on the day about co-curating your object into the big 2025 exhibition with the UK-wide Transology team in online curation workshops

---- No experience & No I.D. needed, just bring your object and your story ----

Come and see everyone else's precious gifts to future genderations and witness transcestry in the making.


3rd Floor Blackstaff Mill, 81 Springfield Road, Belfast, BT12 7AE 

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