Practised Hands

Practised Hands

Date: 19/09/2018 19:09

Over forty years since production ended in Conway Mill, the Drying Room will be animated with automatic drawing machines, live performers and archive film. Artists Alice Clark and Jayne Cherry invite you to their mesmerising performance in harmony with scenes of the linen industry from the Digital Film Archive. The past and present will overlap as the gestures of current linen workers echo those from decades before. Join us on either night to discover what will emerge from this alchemy of raw materials and raw footage. Expect home grown flax, industrial waste and more. 


Jayne Cherry is an artist living and working in the countryside of Co.Down. She makes art to try to comprehend her personal experiences and emotional wanderings. Using intricate investigations with drawing, painting, needlework, sound, installation and live art performances she attempts to decipher any covert signs and leave clues that may be helpful to those who come behind her.

Alice Clark’s background is in weaving but after graduating from Ulster University with an MA in Fine Art in 2011 she has worked in a variety of media including drawing, making, installation, and performance. All relate in a broad sense to landscape and the environment. Her practice explores ways of relating to and interacting with natural and often live objects such as trees, plants and seeds.

This live cinema event is a partnership project by Northern Ireland Screen, Film Hub NI and Pollen Studio. It is curated by Sinéad Bhreathnach Cashell and funded by BFI Film Audience Network supported by the National Lottery. It is possible thanks to additional support from Belfast Film Festival, Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen, the GT Gallery and the Flax Visitor Centre. 

Conway Mill, Drying Room, 5-7 Conway Street, Belfast, BT13 2DE

Thursday 4th October 6:30-8:30pm and Friday 5th October 6:30-8:30pm.

The event lasts two hours, tickets are free and late comers will still be admitted. Click here to book your ticket.

Contact: with any questions. 

This event is part of the Linen Biennale. Northern Ireland’s Linen Biennale celebrates the past, present and future landscape of linen through an extended arts festival, presented and hosted by multiple venues across the region.

Photography: Please note, this event will be documented by our onsite photographer and videographer. If you would prefer to not have your image taken, please advise a member of staff at the event.