PRONI: Document of the Month - April 2015

PRONI: Document of the Month - April 2015

Date: 15/04/2015 18:29

PRONI's document of the month for April concerns a 1971 invitation to Manchester United by Glentoran FC. To promote the Ulster '71 Festival, Glentoran had proposed a friendly match at the Oval.

PRONI's Gavin McMahon said: "Manchester United had been invited by Glentoran FC to play a match at the Oval to promote the Ulster '71 Festival. However, the result proved to be an own goal for Manchester United, as Busby was unable to confirm Manchester United's participation.  This led to Division One rivals, Leeds United, playing instead in a match which resulted in a famous 3-1 victory to Glentoran".

"In Sir Matt's letter, he advises that no commitment was agreed to playing the match and that it would be subject to club commitments and agreement with manager, Wilf McGuiness".

"Little did Wilf McGuiness know that he would be sacked 10 days later on Boxing Day.  It is all very reminiscent of the manner in which David Moyes was dismissed only a few months after succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson".

The correspondence between former Manchester United manager, Sir Matt Busby can be seen here. Whilst related correspondence and previous entries in PRONI's Document of the Month can be seen here.