Rewind to the 7th Celtic Media Festival - Newcastle (1986)

Rewind to the 7th Celtic Media Festival - Newcastle (1986)

Date: 01/04/2020 14:14

With this year's Celtic Media Festival understandably postponed due to recent circumstances, we take a look back at the 7th year of the Festival - then known as the ‘Celtic Film and Television Festival’. The Festival, at its heart, aims to promote the languages and cultures of the Celtic Nations in film, television and radio, and does so with an annual three-day celebration of the broadcasting and film talent from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall and Britany. 

Hosted in 1986 in Newcastle, County Down, this promo shows off the natural beauty of the landscape and the comfortable accommodation guests could look forward to. The romanticism of the county is conveyed through scenes of the Mournes, whilst a poem is read aloud and traditional Gaelic music plays. With no little charm, the promo showcases the County Down in its finest light and transports the viewer back to a simpler time as;                                                     

                                                         In this land, there is time... time to live; time to feel.  

                                                         In this land, there is room.... room to relax; room to move.