Sheena Devitt - 'Film Makers' artist - profiled in Collapse The Box

Sheena Devitt - 'Film Makers' artist - profiled in Collapse The Box

Date: 03/05/2019 13:05

In 2016, in celebration of Northern Ireland’s rich craft landscape, five local makers were invited to produce new work in response to heritage footage from our Digital Film Archive.

One of those makers, stone carver Sheena Devitt, is the subject of the latest installment of Collapse The Box - NVTV's arts strand.

Carving into stone and slate to create site specific sculptural artworks, Sheena's designs are inspired by and respond to a site’s topography and history, its orientation and present inhabitants. Her process of designing the sculptures starts with layers of drawings on paper and the transferred design takes on a new life as the work moves from a graphic image to a sculptural piece about shape, texture and light.

In Collapse The Box, Sheena discusses the evolution of her craft, the inspiration she draws from the Northern Irish landscape and her passion for utilising techniques (and tools) new and old.

The full programme can be watched here.

Excerpt from 'Film Makers' below: