The Troubles I've Seen

The Troubles I've Seen

Date: 18/02/2021 22:01

Resolutions: The Right Time for Sex (1998), introduced by Fran, a volunteer for LGBT Heritage Project NI.

In this episode of Resolutions John Kelly leads a discussion with young people about sex education in Northern Ireland. Alison talks to John about her experience at school as a young lesbian and what could have been done differently. Fran has kindly shared her response to this clip from our archive and the importance of lesbian visibility on local television.

This is just one of the programmes from the UTV archive we are currently working on with the LGBT Heritage Project NI. 

Their ‘The Troubles I’ve Seen’ project aims to collect, share and conserve the memories and experiences of the LGBT+ community in Northern Ireland from 1980s and 1990s.

It’s a pleasure working with Richard O’Leary and the team of dedicated volunteers on uncovering the stories from local television during this time. Behind the scenes, activist and historian, Orla Egan from the Cork LGBT Archive has been training some of the volunteers and our staff on cataloguing techniques. Thanks to UTV for their support and we look forward to sharing these programmes online later this year.

The Troubles I’ve Seen is led by HERe NI working in partnership with The Rainbow Project and Cara-Friend, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Our collaboration is just a small slice of a their larger ambitious two year project. To find out more, Project Co-ordinator Richard O’Leary talks here about the first year of the project:

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