Urban Intervention

Urban Intervention

Date: 07/06/2019 13:01

Curated by Mirjami Schuppert

Urban Intervention  deploys strategies similar to the ones used on the “TBC” tag campaign associated with the Cathedral Quarter redevelopment plans. The campaign aroused social media fury and inspired creative engagement with Belfast city centre by local arts organisations.

Historical news and media imagery from the UTV Archive, printed onto posters and scattered around the Cathedral Quarter, are brought into the present day to coexist with contemporary life. Alongside printed material, selected UTV archive footage enters into the commercial and not for profit spaces in the area. Roaming TV monitors are hosted by local shops, cafes and organisation, creating chance encounters with the old films, displaying longer glimpses of the programmes used as source material for the posters.  The presence of various temporalities in the streets of the city highlights the difference that time and perspective can make; what once was taken as true, through the passing of time may be revealed to be lies.

This week look out for televisions in:

The MAC, 10 Exchange Street West, Belfast BT1 2NJ

PLACE  7-9 Lower Garfield St, Belfast BT1 1FP

Tivoli Barber Shop, 15 North St, Belfast BT1 1LA

Urban Intervention is part of Belfast Photo Festival  2019. This is part of the PRONI, Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive and ITV partnership project to preserve the UTV Archive for future generations.