WANDA Festival

WANDA Festival

Date: 04/02/2021 17:00

The WANDA festival kicks off tonight at 7pm, with Ita O'Brien discussing intimacy on set and ending on Sunday 7th February with FEARS inviting you “to dance the night away” as they host a zoom dance party with all proceeds being donated to Women's Aid.

‘WANDA: Feminism & Moving Image’ was founded in 2016 by film programmer Rose Baker and artist and educator Dr Laura O’Connor. The impetus behind the festival was a desire to connect feminist film history and culture with the ongoing campaigns for both abortion rights and LGBTQ+ marriage rights in Northern Ireland, and the ongoing international migrant crisis. 

Women in the film industry occupy every role, in front of the camera and behind. WANDA celebrates and supports these diverse individuals and roles by highlighting them through dedicated events.

WANDA is committed to widening perspectives on the representation of women’s lives and experiences around the world as well as at home in Ireland. 

Last year the Digital Film Archive invited WANDA to curate a selection of films. They described the archive and their curation as representing “the rich social, political and broadcasting history of Northern Ireland and is a trove of hidden gems. As feminist film programmers, a large part of our mission is to explore archive film in order to unearth 'lost' films by women and find a new audience for them…

This project has allowed us to delve into the archive, extract films we feel are meaningful and present them with our critical response”.

To watch the curated WANDA collection, click here.

For more information about the festival, visit the WANDA website.