A Complete Italian Triumph (Topical Budget 991-2)

 A Complete Italian Triumph (Topical Budget 991-2)

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This Topical Budget newsreel captures exhilarating scenes of motorcar action as Alfa Romeos take the first three places in a hair-raising Ulster Tourist Trophy race.

The Tourist Trophy race was held over the famous Ards circuit in Northern Ireland for only nine years 1928-1936. The 1930 race was considered one of the most thrilling in Ulster T.T. history with Alfa Romeos coming first, second and third. The course was subsequently abanded in 1936, following one of the worst motor-racing accidents in history.

The race was won by Tazio Nuvolari. Known as 'Il Mantovano Volante' (The Flying Mantuan), Nuvolari was described by Ferdinand Porsche as "the greatest driver of the past, the present, and the future." Giuseppe Campari was another hero of Italian automobile racing and a professional soprano. He died tragically in a racing crash in 1933. His compatriot, and competitor in the race, Achille Varzi was considered one of the greatest between wars racing drivers.

This film was digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project.



This film was digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage Project  

Shot List

0:00-0:07 Intertitle A Complete Italian Triumph Alfa Romeos fill first three places in hair-raising race for Ulster Tourist Trophy. 0:07-0:11 A densely crowded street is seen below. 0:12-0:16 Several two seater cars, with a passenger and driver mostly wearing white caps, each pull out from parked position and turn towards the camera, beginning to pick up speed. 0:17-0:24 Two seater cars speed towards the camera, passing below it, as smoke exudes from the tires on the road. 0:25-0:30 Cars speed down a broad open street in a town passing under camera, the pavement is crowded with onlookers. 0:31-0:34 Three cars drive past the camera, the pavement is crowded with people, police stand before the crowds, a lamppost can be seen. 0:34-0:40 Five cars drive away from the camera through a narrow street corner, then turning as they pass through a square. 0:41-0:45 Cars speed towards the camera on a sharp corner onlookers and police stand close to the race way. 0:46-0:51 Cars drive towards the camera under a bridge, trees line the bridge and part of the road. 0:52-0:55 Car number 32 speed closely past the camera, followed by another car, small houses and crowds line the street. 0:56-1:00 Two cars drive past a covered viewing area, that holds many people, a Union Jack flies in the top of the viewing area. 1:01-1:05 Presumably winning car pulls up to several men who await it, second car is not approached. 1:06-1:09 Driver, presumably Tazio Nuvolari, wearing knit jumper, scarf, and a hat and goggles on his head is surrounded by men cheering and shakes hands with one man. 1:10-1:14 Nuvolari is carried on men's shoulders and he waves his hand, and others begin to clap. 1:14 Film ends.



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