A Silent War - Rationed (B.S.L.)

A Silent War - Rationed (B.S.L.)

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Belfast, University of Atypical





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Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive


Hands That Sign, Paula Clarke, Ross Thompson

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Northern Ireland Screen, Ross Thompson

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Rationed by Ross Thompson, written in Bangor during 2020 Lockdown

And before we knew,
      we were waiting in queues 
            for entry into stores of depleting 

groceries: home baking aisles picked
      entirely clean, shelves of tinned goods already 
            resource stripped by a plague of frenzied 

locusts with an all-you-can-eat philosophy
      and no intent to save the wheat or make do 
            and mend. Who could comprehend the urge 

to fill the barn at the expense of those
      in need; to pillage the whole village, to scoop 
            it all and deprive the pained of paracetamol? 

But we all did it. We each succumbed
      to the deep-seated fear of running the gauntlet 
            at the supermarket, two trolleys apart, circling one way 

on the hunt for vitamin C and anti-bac spray, 
      all the while venting first world problems: the lack 
            of lasagne sheets and Panko breadcrumbs, panic 

buying penne and basmati riceā€¦ what became of us? 
      How did we grow so out of touch? Glutting on foodstuffs, 
            all the while fretting, it will never be enough, 
                                                                        it will never be enough.


Rationed by Ross Thompson
BSL translation and performance by Paula Clarke
Filmed in University of Atypical by Stuart Calvin
A Silent War Creative Producers: Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell & Ann Donnelly
Funded by the Department for Communities through Northern Ireland Screen



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