A Silent War - Reclaimed (B.S.L.)



Belfast, University of Atypical





02min 17sec






Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive


Hands That Sign, Paula Clarke, Ross Thompson

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Reclaimed by Ross Thompson, written in Bangor during 2020 Lockdown.

In spite of the waves of uncertainty and fear,
I slept sounder and deeper than I had in years, 

and dreamt that the animal kingdom had reclaimed
our world, undoing the damage heedlessly waged

by a reckless populace. The beasts rebalanced 
the scales of our indifference: a second chance 

to treat this Earth with the gratitude it deserves.
While I slumbered, the creatures came in from the verge 

in great numbers, like disembarking from the Ark.
Skies swept spotless of smog warbled with meadowlark

and vireo. Cricket pitches and golf course slopes
ran amok with peacock, foxes and jackalopes.

Cobbled streets echoed with wild boar and mountain goats.
Pumas lay on park benches like discarded coats.

Wolves drank from fountains. Deer sashayed in the subway.
Blossoms pushed through concrete. Oceans, rivers and bays

grew unpolluted. On clear days I saw the moon. 
I stirred, drew the blinds and hoped that the dream was true.


Reclaimed by Ross Thompson
BSL translation and performance by Paula Clarke
Filmed in University of Atypical by Stuart Calvin
A Silent War Creative Producers: Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell & Ann Donnelly
Funded by the Department for Communities through Northern Ireland Screen



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