About Five Minutes

About Five Minutes

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07min 28sec




High-8, video

black and white


Scott Morgan


Scott Morgan

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Scott Morgan

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It takes five minutes to have a cigarette, brush your teeth or have a cup of tea. What else can you do with five minutes? Watch a five minute film?

Shot List

A man walks up the street and knocks on a door. The door opens, a voice inside asks 'how much?' followed by '5 minutes'. The guy waits. 'Five minutes never killed anybody.' He smokes as he waits, thinking. 'It takes an average person five minutes to smoke a fag, about five minutes to skin up a decent joint, about five minutes to smoke it. About five minutes to conceive a child...' Still shots accompany his thoughts, a clock fades away. He continues: 'Takes about five minutes to watch a Looney Tunes cartoon. Five minutes to lace up a pair of boxing gloves.' Shots of two guys boxing. 'Takes five minutes come home drunk', a woman's (partner) reproach, 'then say all the wrong things'. The guy drunkenly headbutts the woman. 'To see the only woman you ever cared about walk away...' A close up of intetwined bodies as he continues: 'It could potentially take you about five minutes to impregnate a girl but it can take several hours to tell your mates about it.' Post coital shot of him and her smoking a cigarette in bed. 'It takes five minutes to scan the job market for better options (fisheye lens), and takes about five minutes to chat to an old friend.' The guy and his friend walk up the street looking around suspiciously. 'Takes about five minutes to rob a newsagents and get away.' They run away, masked with stockings, the guy trips and falls. Five minutes to get tracked down by the police. 'Five minutes in a human zoo to have a mental breakdown. Five minutes before one's mother breaks down and asks where it went wrong.' The guy is lying in bed with the mother by his side, holding his hands. Back in his flat. Five minutes to take a dump, five minutes to wash the dishes, five minutes to overdose with paracetamol and panic, five minutes for a stomach pump. 'Five minutes to find that guy's number, five minutes to walk to his house, five minutes of self-delusion, to make yourself think this is a good thing...' As he reaches the house, we are back where we were in the beginning, his guy/ the dealer opens the door and delivers. The protagonist walks away.


Cast - Jackson - Niko Thomas; Vox - Jim Jackson; Wife - Jackie Galbraith; Boxer - Damien Denny; Mother - Elizabeth Adams; Old Friend - Keith Butler; Roger - Philip Young; One Night Stand - Anna McAughtry; Parole Officer - Mary Moulds; Flower People - Caroline Kerr, Philip Smith; Nurse - Rachel O'Reirdan; Prison Officers - Dean McHugh, Glen Lyall; By-stander - Chris McCartney; Newsagent - Robin Smith; Lab Productions; A Dead Cat Film; Un Semi-Fisheye Flic; Writer, Director, Photographer, Editor - Scott Morgan; Producer - Philip Young; Catering - Dominoes Pizza; Drivers - Neill Jackson, Philip Young.



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