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Northern Ireland, Various





05min 00sec




16mm, film



Jane Tubb


Jane Tubb

Rights Holder

Jane Tubb

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Do you remember when you were young and the skies were always blue and mars bars were only 8p and you didn't have a care in the world except where your next ice-cream was coming from? Hanky happens on one of those days.


Produced as part of Premiere Series 1 (1997); Awards include - Best First Time Director at the Celtic Film and Television Festival (April 1998); Youth Prize at Oberhausen Film Festival (April 1998); Best Short Film at Foyle Film Festival (May 1998)


Cast - Marie-Louise Barter; Peter Barter; Brendan McCaughey; Aideen Barter; Shebeen the dog; Mr Whippy the ice-cream man; Writer, Producer and Director - Jane Tubb; Cinematography - Damien Elliott; Sound Recordists - Paul Finlay, Stephen McBroom; Camera Assistant - Jonathan Woods; Grips - Roy Harrison, Glynn Harrison; First Assistant Director - Michael Sherrie; Stills Photographer - Richard Hall; Film Editor - Jane Tubb; Creative Advisor - Colin McKeown; 'Ya Ya Ba' written by Johnny Scott; 'Road to Feeling' - written and performed by Mayfield; Camera equipment supplied by Finn Van Geleran, Miracles Production, Ian McGregor White, Panavision Ireland; Film Stock Supplied by DBA Television; Sound Recording Equipment Supplied by Paul Irwin, David Barker, David Kilpatrick; Sound Stock Supplied by David Kilpatrick; Crane Supplied by Light Grip; Stills Film Supplied by KJP Ltd Belfast; Car supplied by Chris Barker; Insurance - Network Insurance; Edited at DBA Television, Flying Fox Films; Dubbing Facilities Provided by BBC NI; Titles - Richard Evans; Coutier - City Air Express; Optical by Howell Opticals; Colour by Colour Film Services. Funded by Northern Ireland Film Council, BBC NI.



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