Belfast: The Churchill Meeting

Belfast: The Churchill Meeting

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Newsreel documenting the infamous 1912 visit to Belfast of Winston Churchill.

Various scenes of the notorious visit, in which the First Lord of The Admiralty, Winston Churchill, was sent to Belfast to argue in favour of Home Rule for Ireland, but was met with a great deal of resistance from Unionists. He was due to speak in the Ulster Hall, but squatting Unionist protestors forced him to deliver his speech to Nationalists in Celtic Park.

This film was digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage Project


The film features Lord Pirrie, Chairman of Belfast shipbuilders Harland & Wolff. Also, appearing is Clementine Churchill who was at the centre of one of the day’s most dramatic incidents. After lunch at a Belfast hotel, Churchill was getting into his car, ready to make his way to his next engagement. He was spotted by some shipyard workers who set upon the car and were intent on trying to tip it over when they noticed that Clementine Churchill was in the vehicle. Upon seeing her, the cry went up, ‘mind the wumman’. The shipyard workers then refrained from putting the car onto its roof.

This film was digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage Project 

Shot List

0:00-0:07 Intertitle, Belfast. The Churchill Meeting. Scenes and Incidents of Mr.Churchill's visit to Belfast. Pathe Freres Cinema Ltm. 0:07-0:24 Pan over Military horses and men wearing rain covers standing in field. 0:24-0:47 Military men wearing ceremonial uniforms, bearskin hats and overcoats, presumably Irish Guard, fill shot and stand at attention, lift guns and march in formation. 0:47-0:54 Military men march out of shot. 0:54-1:04 Crowded pavement people stand with coats and umbrellas, open street with police, large man with umbrella shows police officer his papers, smaller man in flat cap and overcoat also shows papers to police. 1:05-1:13 Crowd huddles on pavement with umbrellas, horsedrawn cart parked on street, pan of crowd as fliers or papers are handed out by man with bag. 1:14-1:19 Intertitle, Arrival of Lord Pirrie, and Mr. and Mrs.Winston Churchill. 1:20-1:29 Carriage door is open as Lady Pirrie exits, followed by Lord Pirrie, smiling, with white beard and top hat, carriage door is closed by attendant in uniform.1:30-1:48 Another carriage pulls into frame, door opened by attendent in flatcap whose breath is visible, another attendant open umbrella, 37 year old Winston Churchill steps out of carriage wearing top hat and coat, followed by Mrs.Churchill smiling, attendant holds umbrella over her head, camera lingers on carriage as attendant walks past seen through carriage window.  



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