Belfast Unionist Demonstration

Belfast Unionist Demonstration

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27/09/1913 (of event)


07min 02sec




35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


National Film and Television Archive


Northern Ireland Office

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Northern Ireland Office

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27th September 1913 at the agricultural showgrounds at Balmoral in south Belfast. This was one of several demonstrations organised by the Ulster Unionist Council to maintain local morale and to show the public in the whole of the United Kingdom the strength of feeling in Ulster against the Third Home Rule Bill. The Ulster Volunteer Force had been formed in January 1913 and the film shows Sir Edward Carson inspecting Unionist Clubs and members of the UVF. With Carson is Lieutenant-General Sir George Richardson, veteran of the the Afghan Wars who had also led the final assault on Peking during the Boxer Rising, who had agreed to become commander-in-chief of the UVF. Also present with Carson and Richardson is Captain James Craig, the Unionist MP for County Down who in 1921 became Northern Ireland´s first Prime Minister. Some Unionist Club members are wearing the traditional Orange sash. Men on motorbikes are members of the UVF Signalling and Dispatch Rider Corps (02:02). The men on horseback (02:10) are probably members of either the Ballymena or the Enniskillen Horse of the UVF. The flag claimed to be the largest Union Jack in the world is unfurled (02:28) - it had made its first public appearance on Easter Tuesday 1912 at Balmoral when the conservative leader, Andrew Bonar Law, had addressed Unionist Clubs.

Shot List

'The Belfast Unionist Demonstration held at Balmoral Sept 27, 1913', 'The following subject specially filmed for this Hall. Inspection of Unionist Clubs by Sir Edward Carson and General Sir George Richardson.' 00:18 Close up of crowd. 00:31 Pan across crowd in stands. A few are wearing the old style Orange sash - worn across the left shoulder. 01:31 View from stand of Orange men walking across pitch. 02:02 Motorbikes driving round edge of pitch. 02:10 Men on horseback with large group of Orange men behind. 02:28 'Unfurling of the largest Union Jack in the World'. Side view of Carson, followed by James Craig and General Sir George Richardson, walking across podium. Pan across pitch. Cut to flag pole and large Union Jack. Back to Carson. 04:28 'The March Past'. Man on podium dipping bowler hat to Carson. Men on horseback passing close to podium and saluting Carson. Men walking past.


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