Counterpoint: Holidays

Counterpoint: Holidays

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Aghadowey, Ballycastle, Belfast, Charing Cross Station, London, Portrush




Transmission 01/02/1991


24min 34sec




1 inch



Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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Presenter Jacqui Berkeley explores the issue of holiday bookings.

Due to the 1990 recession, the package holiday business is in crisis, the situation exacerbated by the start of the Gulf War. Travel Correspondent, John Carter estimates that travel bookings are down 40-50%. However, ferry bookings to England, holidays to Spain and Portugal and flights to Florida are still 'pretty good'.

To counter this downturn, the Northern Ireland Tourist Board made a 'very determined effort to boost the local holiday trade'. Insights from Bret O'Hara, Jim Paul, Stephen Clip and Margaret Cunningham, show the various marketing strategies the Tourist Board employed - joining forces with Jubilee Holidays, in London, to create a comprehensive travel brochure, collaborating with the the other UK tourist boards in trying to boost the image of the UK as a tourist market and, lastly, working with the Republic of Ireland to put together an 'All-Ireland Tour'.

However, it is acknowledged that the ongoing fear of terrorism may affect people's decision on whether, or not, to holiday in Northern Ireland. Lastly, local hospitality owners are interviewed about their current situation. Paula Canning and Sam Hagen chat about the Ballycastle caravan site and how their new facilities have created a greater demand. Joe and Margaret Erwin, aand Mary McAlester, who all work in the B&B industry, suggest there is more need for the accommodation they offer, as opposed to outdated hotels. 



Counterpoint, Ulster Television's landmark current affair series, which was also broadcast to a national audience on Channel4. Series' editor, Derek Murray described Counterpoint as addressing a "wide range of social concerns which affect every family in Ulster".

The UK declared on the 26th April 1993 that the recession was over.  


Presented by Jacqui Berkeley.

Directed by Lynne Davidson.

An Ulster Television Production. 



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