Counterpoint: Women Talking

Counterpoint: Women Talking

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Belfast, Havelock House






53min 30sec




Betacam SP



Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, UTV, UTV Archive

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Mike Nesbitt hosts a live studio discussion on the role of women in the peace process, and beyond, in Northern Ireland.

Featuring some outdated and sexist attitudes (note the last phone-in message!), the audience discuss public politics, issues of class, rural isolation, sexism in advertising, unwaged domestic labour, and much more. Despite the assertions of some of the audience that the future is bright for women in Northern Ireland (based primarily on their individual sense of wellbeing), some may feel less than optimistic these days, as women's health care is once again used as a bargaining chip with the Westminster government, cuts to funding for women's and community groups continue, and the prospect of a post-Brexit hard border raises the spectre of uncertianty for residents in border communities. 


Notable participants in the discussion include Monica McWilliams and Pearl Sagar, who would go on to represent the Northen Ireland Women's Coalition in government, as well as former Miss Northern Ireland Alison Campbell and Miss UK Shauna Gunn.

Short breaks occur 21.39 - 21.45, 37.10 - 37.25. 


Courtesy of ITV and the UTV Archive

Digitised as part of the 'UTV Archive Partnership' project 

Presented by Mike Nesbitt.


Oonagh Boyle, Alison Campbell, Helen Chivers, Ruth Clinging, Ann Conlon, Joyce Crowe, Sarah Cummings, Margaret Elliott, Shauna Gunn, Catherine Hughes, Patricia Mallon, Joanne Martin, Catriona Morrisey, Marie Mulholland, Eilish McCabe, Patricia McKeown, Monica McWilliams, Vanya McWilliams, Margaret O'Kane, Kathy Roberts, Eilish Rooney, Pearl Sagar, Linda Thompson and Joanne Vance




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