Extract from The King's Wake

Extract from The King's Wake

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35mm, film



Raw Nerve Productions


Raw Nerve Productions

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Raw Nerve Productions

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It's the feast of Samhain (Halloween) in Ancient Ireland and in the large hall of his castle, King Conor MacNessa (Oscar nominated actor Stephen Rea) is alone with his memories. As ruler of ancient Ulster, King Conor has been a powerful King who has ruled through violence and intimidation of his people and craved the legend that has been built around him by his Chief Poet, Aherne (Ian McElhinney). But on the night of his murder, his legend is called into question by the ghosts of his past, those he destroyed, and those from whom he now seeks forgiveness and redemption. But can a hero warrior and ruler of Ulster, forsake his past?


Cast - King Conor - Stephen Rea; Aherne - Ian McElhinney; Phelim - Peter Balance; Queen Maeve - Eleanor Methven; Cu Chulainn - Tony Talbot; The Morrigan - Carol Moore; Warrior - Glen Marshall; Production Company - Raw Nerve Productions; Chief Animator - John McCloskey; 3-D Animation Supervisor - Glenn Marshall; Animators - Suzanne Arnold, Paul Shanahan, Deirdre McCarthy; 3-D Animators - Sean Cahalane, Conor O'Doherty, Michael Farren, Stuart Calvin; Production Manager - Lynn Wallace; Production Co-ordinator - David Holden; Irish Language Consultant - Raymond Watson; Technical Advisor - Andrew McAfee; Sound Dubbing at Blast Furnace Studio; Produced and Edited at The Nerve Centre; Screenplay developed from an original story concept by Martin Melarkey and Gillian Lowe; Executive Producer for Bord Scannan na Eireann/Irish Film Board - Rod Stoneman; Executive Producer for Community Relations Council - Maurna Crozier; Dubbing Editors - Rory Donaghy, Mic O'Connell; Editor - Kevin Murray; Original Music - Glenn Marshall; Writer - Damien Gorman; Producers - Martin Melarkey, Pearse Moore; Director - John McCloskey.



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