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Festival Virgin

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Belfast City Airport, Europa hotel, Grand Opera House, Havelock House, Lyric Theatre, Queen's Film Theatre, Queen's University Belfast, Shankill Road, Stranmillis College




Transmission 01/12/1994


24min 34sec







Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Waddell Media

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ITV, Waddell Media

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Margi Clarke - English actress and presenter - explores the Belfast Festival, journeying to venues across the city and sampling the variety of acts on offer. Along the way our fledgling festivalgoer has memorable encounters with locals and celebrities alike.

The event covers theatre, dance, classical and roots music, visual arts, film and literature accompanied by outreach and education events.





Beginning in 1962, the Belfast International Arts Festival (previously known as Belfast Festival at Queen's) was hosted by Queen's University Belfast, from its inception up until 2015. Now run by an independent organisation, the annual festival continues to take place (typically in October) at venues across the City.

Shot List

Margi Clarke takes a photo with Michael (Taxi Driver). MC meets John Hume (MEP), who welcomes her into Belfast. Asking the public about the Opera House and the festival. Interviewing the actors of the Wuthering Heights play; Caroline Milmoe and Jason Riddlington. Meeting Jo Brand [JB] and offering her an Ulster Fry dish. Clips of JB’s stand up comedy. Poetry reading on the Shankill Road. Interview with the Hammer Writers Association about their goals.  Bearcat Cajun Playboys band performing in the Warehouse, interviewing them about their experience of Belfast. Stranmills College hosts a ballet about the Titanic by a Belgium company. Interview with John Parkinson about his opinion on the play. Interviewing May McFettridge at Larry’s Bar. Private Picture Show play at the Lyric theatre by Owen McCafferty; interview with playwright and actresses. Arts theatre showing a silent play by Macnas, and interview with the creator about it. Gerry Kelly trying to get MC to do a Kelly Show. 


A Brian Waddell Production for UTV.

Presented by Margi Clarke

Features: John Hume (MEP), Jo Brand, Hammer Writers, Bearcat Cajun Playboys, John Parkinson, May McFetridge, Owen McCafferty and the cast of Private Picture Show, the writer of Macnas and Gerry Kelly. 



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