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“He was my hero, his no-violence peace stance inspired me and many others. It was tough that he didn’t get the national funeral he deserved but glad that COVID-19 restrictions were adhered to.” 

SDLP Cllr John Gallen was moved to make this video in response to John Hume’s death. His tweet read “God Bless John Hume #JohnsLight” and was posted with a retweet of the SDLP tweet: “The Hume family have asked people to stay safe this evening and light a candle for peace in John’s memory at 9pm. #JohnsLight” (3:05pm August 4, 2020).

John Hume’s funeral took place during the coronavirus restrictions, instead of a large gathering approximately 120 people attended the socially distanced service inside St Eugene's Cathedral. People were encouraged to pay their respects at home by lighting a candle and the funeral was broadcast online by RTÉ. This is one of many tributes posted on social media in the days surrounding John Hume’s funeral. 

John Gallen would like Hume to be remembered “as one of Ireland’s greatest persons, a marker in our time that love conquers hate, hope conquers fear.”


"The heartfelt and sincere condolences that we have received from people across the island, but particularly from the communities John loved being a part of, have been immensely comforting to us. We know that he would have prioritised public health and the safety and health of our communities. We're asking people to follow that guidance - please do not put yourself or others at risk. Instead, we would ask that people light a candle for peace at 9pm in their homes or at their door." - The Hume family quoted in the Irish News, 4th August 2020 09:04

"Pat and her family are very grateful for the outpouring of love and support following the death of their beloved John. The family are anxious that a public gathering for John's funeral might inadvertently put someone's health at risk in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic, and are asking that people express their grief by staying at home and joining with the Hume family in a Celebration of Light for Peace. Instead of lining roads and streets to show respect to John, it is the wish of the Hume family that we remain at home and, at 9.00pm, light a candle and join with the family to pray the prayer for peace of Saint Francis of Assisi in the presence of John's body in the cathedral. This Celebration of Light for Peace is a fitting tribute to a much loved and distinguished Irishman." - Father Paul Farren, from St Eugene's Cathedral, quoted in the Irish News, 4th August 2020 09:04

Personal and official tributes on social media trended as #JohnsLight. These were mainly photographs of lit candles including one from the Taoiseach in Dublin and a candle on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street. The Digital Film Archive are collecting the video tributes. 


Created and published on twitter by Cllr John Gallen


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