Holiday scenes: Carrey Family Film



Antrim coast road, Ardglass, Carrickfergus, India, Islandmagee, Swansea




Believed to be Summer 1939


17min 22sec




Super 8

black and white, colour


Digitised as part of Unlocking Film Heritage


British Film Institute, Carrey Family

Rights Holder

Carrey Family

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Join three generations of the Carrey family as they holiday during the last summer before the outbreak of World War II.

Travel with the Carrey Family from the shores of Swansea to the waters of India in this home movie. Time has drawn an abstract dance of scratches over the film and flashes of colour burst through amidst the black and white memories. See Strangford Lough’s busy fishing harbour in action at Ardglass before a colourful glimpse of a regatta in Carrickfergus. A walk on the coastal path near Islandmagee is followed by the bustling streets of Belfast and a picnic on the Antrim Coast Road. 


If you enjoyed this film you can join a new generation of the Carrey family 22 years later on their holidays during the summer of 1961. This film is courtesy of the Carrey Family it features Bob aged 10, Jasmine aged 11, Aunt Marjory aged 50 and Grandfather Anthony aged 75. The film opens with Bob playing in what may be the gardens of the Masonic Hospital at Millbank after an operation on his elbow. The final frames show Dick aged 8 swimming in India. 



 Digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project



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