In the Name of God

In the Name of God

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01 November 1972 (first transmission)


23min 56sec










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A documentary about Belfast in 1972

Shot List

Various fragmented views – rifle butts, army men, Saracen vans, bags being searched on the street, people on street. 01:03 Bomb blast. Slow motion aftermath of a man collapsing. A woman walking with voiceover recounting a bomb the last time she was in Belfast city centre. 02:50 Newspaper sign 'Gunfire in Royal Avenue'. 02:55 View down Royal Avenue towards City Hall with army van. Voiceover of report of bomb threats. Bags being searched. 03:21 Belfast Telegraph street seller. 03:41 Army man speaking into radio. Voiceover of reports of bomb threats. 04:37 Smithfield market (?) 05:10 Flower seller, in background Army van with soldier feeding pigeons. 05:38 Army men erecting a wire fence. Behind is a sign advertising 'Irish souvenirs'. 06:34 American Evangelist Liz Doyle, nee Preston, outside City Hall singing. 07:35 Poster on street light pole – 'Control Zone No Vehicle May Be Left Unattended At Any Time'. 07:45 Army man checking a passport. 08:00 View of a building being demolished. Pan along damaged buildings. Signs 'Closing Down', 'Bomb Damage'. General views of damaged buildings and piles of rubble following demolition. 10:27 Pan across graveyard and cut to rubble. 11:00 Men removing items through the window of a house before demolition. 12:60 Evangelists again. 12:30 New construction in progress. 12:50 General views of exterior of new buildings. 13:19 Evangelists. 13:46 Parking signs in church carpark. Scaffolding on church. Taped up windows. 14:37 General views of broken windows. Street sign – King Street. Voiceover woman saying Lords Prayer and the Rosary. View of woman. 16:01 Statue of Jesus and then a statue of a soldier. 16:18 Man being searched. Cut to street preacher. 'Ye must be born again' written on his sandwich board. Hymn being sung. 16:50 Advertisement in travel shop window – 'New Out One Way Fares to Australia and New Zealand'. 17:10 Pan along shop fronts. 17:32 Shop called 'Fresh Garbage'. 18:37 Army searching people. Hymn in background – 'Let Jesus come into your heart'. Voice of man heckling street preacher. 20:37 Burning building and firemen. Voices talking about the factory that has been destroyed. 23:00 A street at night. A woman, as heard at 01:03, recounts a story regretting the changes in Northern Ireland, she says to a soldier 'I hoped he was enjoying his stay'. He said yes.


Cameraman – Rex Maidment; Film Editor – Bill Miskelly; Director – Robin Wylie.



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