Irish Interlude

Irish Interlude

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black and white


National Film and Television Archive


Irish Linen Guild

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Irish Linen Guild

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Post World War Two film, starring Joseph Tomelty to encourage girls to work in the linen mills by showing improved working conditions and good pay.


Rosie Maguire is played by Margaret Curlett.

Shot List

00:00 Exterior terraced breeze block house. Interior sitting / dining room. Aga cooker in hearth. 08:16 Interior of recruitment office of mill. 09:04 Interiors of mill. 10:05 Interior of canteen. Jazz music blaring. Close up of menu. 10:45 New workers in a classroom situation being told about the linen making process. 11:15 Exterior. Pulling flax. View of imported bales of flax. 11:39 Interior factory. Heckling - combing fibres. 11:51 Interior. Flax fibres going through rollers until they are a fine thread. Spinning differs replacing full bobbins. 13:11 Wet spin. Fibres pass through a trough of hot water to further stretch fibre. Close up of dry tiled floor. Girl in bare feet. 14:08 Threads reeled and made up into shanks. Wound onto warpers bobbin. Beaming frame. Preparing department, warped yarn put onto beam. Yarn pulled through harness. Linen can then be weaved. Small looms and jacquard loom. 15:40 Beating machine to whiten and make linen shine. 15:52 Hand painting. 16:00 Linen is cut. 17:23 Workers leaving mill.


Verity Films Limited in association with the Film Producers Guild. Made for the Flax Spinners Association Ltd and Irish Power Loom Manufacturer's Association in conjunction with the Irish Linen Guild; Producer - Ronald H Riley; Photography - Joseph Ambor, Editor - John Merritt; Assistant Director - Geoff Busby; Continuity - Diana Bjorck; Irish Advisor - Joseph Tomelty; Art Director - George Haslam; Sound Supervisor - Richard Smith; Music composed and directed by Gideon Fagan; Writer and Director - David H Villiers.


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