Lammas Fair

Lammas Fair

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August 1980 (of event)


03min 20sec










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News item looking at the two day annual fair held at Ballycastle.


The Ould Lammas Fair: A traditional fair held in Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland every year on the last Monday and Tuesday of August. It is associated with the Lammas harvest festival. The fair has been running for around 400 years, dating back as far as the 17th century. Traditional goods sold at the fair include the 'Yellowman' honeycomb and dulse, a form of seaweed.

Shot List

00:00 - 00:04 General view of the fair in the centre of the town, crowds of people in the street

00:04 - 00:10 Medium close up of two elderly men wearing flat caps, eating ice cream and chatting

00:10 - 00:17 High angle general view of the fair, zoom out, busy street in full view, several horses in the bottom left corner of the frame

00:18 - 00:21 Shot of cattle (deed depth of field), a boy in the bottom left corner looking directly at the camera

00:22 - 00:24 Man leading a horse towards the camera, walks off to the right of the frame

00:25 - 00:43 Men haggling, striking a bargain in a traditional way

00:44 - 00:52 Man in a blue shirt, jeans and sunglasses offering an item, crowd of people raising their hands to reach it

00:53 - 00:55 Close up of a woman looking up at the man

00:55 - 00:57 Shot of advertising board for 'Famous perfumes Chanel no.5 all at 1.00 each'

00:57 - 01:05 Shot of a salesman in an archway surrounded by potential customers, then pan left to another salesman in a passage across the street

01:06 - 01:09 GV of the busy street from above

01:10 - 01:14 Shot of a religion-themed human billboard: 'Christ: for thou wast slain, and hast re-deemed us to God by thy blood', surrounded by boys and a man looking at the camera

01:15 - 01:25 Close up of a man wearing white clothes and a straw hat with a silver zeppelin-shaped balloon, then zoom out, man offering his balloons, zoom in again

01:25 - 01:54 vox pop, man interviewed is wearing sunglasses, striped T-shirt. He was born in Ballycastle now living in Melbourne, he says it is nice to be back for the fair, meet people, experience the tradition

01:55 - 01:56 Close up of a young woman in a black 'Ould Lammas Fair' hat

01:57 - 01:59 Shot of 'Meat Teas quick service' sign

01:59 - 02:04 Close up of a hand using knife and hammer to break up yellow man into non-standard blocks

02:04 - 02:09 Shot of a man displaying a game to a group of onlookers

02:10 - 02:13 Shot of a small table-sized stall with small souvenir items

02:14 - 02:24 Close up of a tiny monkey resting of a woman's shoulder, zoom out, the woman is smiling, the monkey is dressed in green costume, camera pans down to reveal another monkey in her arms, dressed in red

02:25 - 02:32 Medium close up of a baby in white, messily eating ice cream

02:33 - 02:36 Shot of a boy on a pony

02:37 - 02:40 'No Parking' sign on a wooden fence, pans down to a black pony 

02:40 - 02:42 View of a row of horses for sale 

02:42 - 02:44 Medium close up of a man in a checked flat cap, black jacket

02:44 - 02:45 Another man in a checked flat cap, brown jacket

02:46 - 02:54 Guy hammering into honeycomb toffee called yellowman, zoom out to reveal several people watching as he continues hammering

02:54 - 02:56 Brief shot of elderly women tasting yellowman

02:57 - 03:03 Dulse (local edible seaweed) stall, pans left to show laughing and joking customers

03:07 - 03:10 Medium close up of a crying boy in a purple 'Ould lammas Fair' hat

03:10 - 03:19 General view of the fair from the top of the hill, overlooking the town and Hoy Trinity church clock tower 



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