Lit By Love and Sunshine

Lit By Love and Sunshine

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1950s, 1960s


26 Jan 1994 (repeat transmission)


34min 35sec





black and white, colour





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This archive compilation looks at the Antrim town of Ballycastle through amateur film from the 1950s and 1960s.

Shot List

General views of Ballycastle, beach fair, street scenes. 00.51 Short history accompanied by images of blizzards. Castles of the O'Neills and the McDonalds. 02.26 The Black Nun story. 02.38 Ballycastle Harbour - Hugh Boyd and the creation of harbour, railway, saltworks, coalworks, brewery. Opening of the Customs House, the Holy Trinity Church, the town's decline following death of Boyd. 04.36 19th Century renovation of the town - market and trading, new hotel on coast road, quarrying, coal mining, harbour scenes showing import of coal to other towns. The narrow-gauge railway track and the decline of the railway. 07.52 Fishing, Rathlin Islanders, farming, horse ploughing. 08.52 Churches and parochial activities, dances, Orange Hall, amateur drama, cinemas, hockey, hurling. 09.46 Sunday walks, the circus. 12.33 Religious processions, Father Park and musicians Adam Sloan and Geordie McKay. 12.53 Threathened closure of Dalriada Hospital, Donal Lamont, Sister Marie and Canon McKinley. 12.36 Building of Corrymeela hostel. 13.49 House set up by Barnardos child care centre. 13.58 Seaside scenes. 16.28 Fun fair sequence. 19.04 Bertuccelli's family cafes. 19.46 Visit of American ship HMS Betelgeuse, water skiing, RAF bubble helicopter. 21.29 Jack McClelland's swim from Ballycastle to Rathlin Island - Jack Coyle, Bernard Sherlock, Dr Humphries, RUC brass band, fancy dress parade. 24.10 RUC barrel race and bicycle race. 25.04 Escape artist. 25.28 Women's football. 25.38 American football. 25.52 Tennis featuring Theo Barnes. 26.17 The Twelfth festivities, marches, and Hibernian March. 26.23 Unveiling plaque of John Henry MacAuley, songwriter, by Eileen Donaghy, who sings 'The Old Lammas Fair'. 31.50 Charlie McAfee interviews public at Lammas Fair including William McKinney and Canadian visitor. 33.07 Street scenes with a comment on the 'troubles' to come (34.35).


Principal Photography - William Campbell, Charlie McBride; Additional Photography - John Nicholl, David Dillon, Jack Fawcett, Patsy Hill, George Middleton, Patrick Whitehouse, Charlie McAfee, David Hammond; Narrator - Conleth Hill; Dubbing - Ian Burns; Script & Producer - David Dillon.



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