Lesser Spotted Ulster: Kilraughts

Lesser Spotted Ulster: Kilraughts

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Ballymoney, Kilraughts




Transmission 31/01/2008


23min 17sec







Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Westway Films

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ITV, Westway Films

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In this episode of Lesser Spotted Ulster, Joe Mahon goes to the beautiful little village of Kilraughts, County Antrim, where there's "400 shades of green". Meet the locals who recount the tales of the recent - and sometimes distant - past and explore surrounding area.   

First, we meet Alex Blair, a scholar, who takes Joe to the graveyard and chats about the common practice of the past of paying a child to watch over the graves of the recently departed so that body snatchers - or stiffy lifters, as locals call them - couldn't get to their relatives! As we pass through the gate of the graveyard, we see the ruins of a church, which "if stones could speak, they would weave a complicated tale of faith and fatherland and mixed fortunes". 

Next, we head over to Rev. W.J. Watson's stables, where he shows us how he has trained his horses with a click of his fingers and check out his paintings which Joe refers to as a "a bit of an equine Michelangelo"! Over at Phyllis McQuiston's farm we meet her 185 turkeys - which makes interviewing her rather difficult! Lastly, it's over to Tom Louden who displays his skill at making the lambeg drum.


A Westway Production for UTV.

Thanks to: Alex Blair, Rev W.J. Watson, Phyllis Mcquiston, Tom Louden, Jeanette Reid and Rev Noel Mcclean




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