Lesser Spotted Ulster: Kinawley

Lesser Spotted Ulster: Kinawley

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In this episode of Lesser Spotted Ulster, Joe Mahon goes to the quaint little village of Kinawley, County Fermanagh, where he meets the locals and explores the surrounding area.  

First, we meet a farmer who is using an age old method of rejuvenating field boundaries by cutting hawthorns down, and where they sprout new shoots, will fill in the holes in the boundary. Next, it’s over to the men who practice the tradition of threshing wheat, which involves beating it with a tool made up of two kinds of wood and held together with eel skin. This, produces the seed which can be then eaten and used, however, this may be more a social exercise than a time efficient one!

Soon, it's time to meet the mummers of Kinawley, who in their straw costumes and face coverings, rehearse a play for us, swords and all! All across Ireland, mumming has been an integral part of the winter solstice for millennia, and now it's a great excuse to have "a bit of a party"!  

Finally, Joe gets to make and sample boxty with a local expert, Margaret McGovern.


A Westway Production for UTV

Thanks to: Padraig Murphy, Margaret McGovern, Francie Doherty, James Magee, George Graham, Francie Drumm, Michael McCaffrey, Alan Liddle and Kinawley Community Partnership




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