Londonderry, What Now?

Londonderry, What Now?

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'The sad self-destruction of Londonderry is the outward sign of the real and imagined wrongs which are part of a problem that has bedevilled Ulster for generations'. Source: script extract from Londonderry, What Now?

Shot List

01:17 General views and close ups of St Columbs Cathedral and a Catholic Church. Pan along terraced street. 04:00 Council sign 'Londonderry for your new factory'. 04:05 Interior of women in a shirt factory. Exterior views of industrial buildings. 04:39 Exteriors of 'Towler Hydraulics', 'Plastic Capacitors Ltd', 'Deyong, Golding Ltd'. 04:45 Sign - 'New Factory for Ministry of Commerce'. 04:48 Exterior of Molins - Machine Company Ltd. 04:55 Interior of industrial factory. Pottery. 06:02 Exterior Du Pont factory. 06:08 Interior of factory - fibres. General views of new industrial estates. 07:45 Government training station at Maydown Estate, opened 1966. 08:45 General view of a terraced houses. 09:00 History of Derry including the Siege of Derry with James II and the Apprentice Boys told through paintings and etchings. 11:05 Apprentice Boys march along the city walls. Flute band. Close up of banner. 11:21 Pan along block of flats. General views of City Centre. 12:36 Bogside - slum housing. New developments Rossville Flats. 13:37 Interior Guildhall with Londonderry Development Commission (headed by Brian Morton) which replaced the Mayor. 14:26 Digger and building new houses. 15:17 Pan across new mixed estate. 16:48 General views of poor housing. 17:13 Gerald Bryan the Development Commissions General Manager sitting at his desk. 17:24 School playground. 17:45 Interior classroom. 19:26 Architects plan - Ballyarnett: Shantallow District Plan. Londonderry area plan. Drawings for development of city centre and surrounding area. A model of the new development. 20:48 Derry docks. New container loading services. Loading potatoes onto ship. 21:22 View across a park looking across the River Foyle. 21:38 Coast at Downhill, Mussenden Temple. 21:58 Dunluce Castle. 22:04 Giant's Causeway. 22:12 Close up of a pillared statue, pan back to views of the city. 22:19 View looking down on Craigavon Bridge from city walls. 22:40 City streets. 22:48 Poster in window adverising a book 'Now on sale. 'We'll walk in Peace'. 22:50 Close up people walking on sidewalk. 23:22 View across water to factory. 23:00 Night view across River Foyle. 23:47 Flame burning at an industrial estate.


Producer and Director – Colin Lecky-Thompson; Writer - John Phillips; Editor – Alan Smith; Sound Mixer – Lou Hanks; Camera and technical facilities by Marshall Smith Films, London; 'Danny Boy' arranged and recorded by Cathie Harrop; Commentary – Peter Hawkins; Acknowledgements to The Government of Northern Ireland, The Londonderry Development Commission.



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