Many Happy Returns

Many Happy Returns

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Dunluce Castle, Giant's Causeway, North Coast, Northern Ireland, Portrush, White Rocks






20min 06sec







Digitised as part of Unlocking Film Heritage


British Film Institute, National Museums Northern Ireland

Rights Holder

Crown copyright, National Museums NI

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Are you anxious to get away from the daily grind? Where shall you go when your thoughts turn to holidays? Let Portrush be your happy playground and the Logan family be your guide.The pleasure gardens, Peter Pan railway and Smugglers Cave are just some of the long list of enchanting places that will sweep you away. Be memorized by impressive diving exploits, fairground thrills and fireworks display. Watch out the fancy dress competition is not for the faint hearted. From the brilliant to the bizarre you might want to look away from some entries.


This film comes from the collection of National Museums Northern Ireland. It was created to promote tourism for one of Northern Ireland’s leading holiday destinations. Barry’s Amusements is a cherished icon created by Circus legends Evelyn Chipperfield and Francesco Trufelli in 1926. Keen to ensure the success of their station and hotel the Railway Company invited the couple to set up a permanent site in Portrush. Many holidays, summer jobs and assignations happened here making this a popular film with reminiscence groups.


R. G. MacAuley - Producer, Driector and Camera

J. I. Fawcett - Camera

E. Acheson - Lighting

J. Mc Millan - Lighting

James Moore - Conductor

H. O'Hara Logan - Father

Kathleen Logan - Mother

Brian Logan - Son

Brian Cunningham - Son

The Coleraine Linnets - Music Performance 



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