Medicine Matters: A Helping Hand

Medicine Matters: A Helping Hand

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Belfast City Hospital, Finaghy Health Centre, Orchardville, Ulster Television studios






26min 20sec




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With ongoing advances in technology, healthcare and lifestyles, people in the UK are living longer on average than they might have in years gone by. As the UK population lives longer, its old-age dependency ratio also increases. From looking at past patterns, It has been projected that more than a quarter of UK residents will be aged 65 years or over within the next 50 years. In this episode of Medicine Matters, we look at care of the elderly.  Raymond Maxwell considers various schools of thought on the topic, namely favouring institutionalised existence vs. providing support and assistance to enable the elderly to stay at their homes. 

Mary Larkin, a patient living at home, shares her experiences with healthcare community services which enabled her to retain certain level of independence despite her medical condition. Frequent visits of the district nurse, Lillian Thompson, ensure Mary has all she needs and make it possible for her to stay home. George Irwin, a GP at the Finaghy Health Centre, further explains the comprehensive care the centre provides to its patients and its goals in improving mobility and promoting independence for the elderly.

Back at the studio, Raymond Maxwell and the guests further discuss the ageing population and related issues. Today's guests are Dr Gabriel Scally, Prof Robert Stout, Robert Ferguson and Dr Noel Scott.


Introduced by: Raymond Maxwell

Studio Guests: Dr Gabriel Scally, Prof Robert Stout, Robert Ferguson and Dr Noel Scott



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