Medicine Matters: Prevention of Disease (Programme 2)

Medicine Matters: Prevention of Disease (Programme 2)

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Belfast, Belfast City Hospital, Co. Antrim, Dunluce Health Centre, Finaghy Health Centre, Havelock House, Rathmore Grammar School




Transmission 18/08/1986


26min 22sec




1 inch



Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, UTV Archive

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Raymond Maxwell explores the topic of disease prevention and, in particular, the correlation between the rise in healthy living and the reduction in disease. He is joined by a range of health experts and academics to consider the subject and take part in a panel discussion.

Need in terms of antenatal and postnatal care is discussed, with Dr Gillian Rankin (Community Health Physician) explaining that it is the increasing prevalence of vaccinations amongst the general population that has helped edadicate what were formerly fatal diseases. Prof. George Irwin chats about the structures within the health service and how they are designed to prevent children contracting a serious disease. 

Chris Patten MP (Under Secretary for State Health and Social Services), addresses the subject of smoking and how the government is trying to address public health. He suggests that a balance needs to be struck between bullying and encouraging people to behave in a way that is in their own interests. More than simply lung cancer, smoking increases the risks for a number of diseases. David Simpson (Director of A.S.H.) argues that the full impact of smoking is not publicised enough and that the tobacco companies are not being held to account. 

Andrew P. Dougal [Peg McCluskey (Dietican) provide food and diet advice and advocate for a well-rounded diet and regular exercise as a means of drastically reducing the risk of coronary heart disease 

In the studio, Pauline Ginnety, Dr. Gabriel Scally, Prof. George Irwin and Prof. Sidney Long explore the nuances surrounding these issues. 


An Ulster Television production

Series advisor: Dr. Gabriel Scally 

Studio Director: Will Armstrong

Producer: John Scobbie 

Presented by Raymond Maxwell

UTV acknowledges the assistance of the following: D.H.S.S., Belfast City Hospital, Dunluce Health Centre, Finaghy Health Centre, Rathmore Grammar School, A.S.H. and Chest Heart & Stroke Association 




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