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07min 45sec




35mm, film



Northern Ireland Screen


British Screen, Northern Ireland Screen

Rights Holder

British Screen, Northern Ireland Screen

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The tale of a young couple whose search for a suitable flat takes an unexpected turn. They unwittingly find themselves trapped in a world of terror, suspense and wall mounted ceramic ducks. The story is a potent cocktail of horror and black comedy that should entertain and alarm in equal measure.


Cast - Anthea - Niki Doherty; Thomas - Paul McEneaney; Mr Cowie - Derek Halligan; Production Company - Visionworks Television Ltd; Executive Producer - Paul Largan; Writer - Mik Duffy; Producer - Alan Morton; Director - James T Donnelly; Director of Photography - Eric Gillespie; Production Manager - Ingrid Arthurs; Production Designer - Shane Bunting; Editor - Declan Byrne; Sound Recordist - David Kilpatrick; Composer - Sam Gibney; Assistant Director - Phil Crothers; Second Assistant Director - Raymond Kirk; Associate Producer - Alan Strange; Continuity - Karen Laverty; Make up and Hair Designer - Pamela Smyth; Wardobe - Briege McGarrity, Siobhan Ennis; Focus Puller - Eric Greenberg; Clapper Loader - Marie Conlan; Gaffer - Brian Livingstone; Best Boy - Colin Irwin; Grips - Glynn Harrison; Stills Photographer - Lisa Carville; Graphics Designer - Baron Bedi; Production Accountant - Irwin Armstrong; Production Assistant - Siobhan Ennis; Script Editors - Naomi Telford, Enda Hughes; Trainee Assistant Director - John Clerkin; Trainee Boom Operator - Simon Kerr; Trainee Runner - Gareth Myles; Insurance - Network Insurance; Catering - Jenny's Catering; Camera Equipment - vfg; Grip Equipment - Light Grip; Crane - Elevation Equipment; Stock - Kodak; Processing - Colour Film Services; Titles - Screen Opticals; Neg Cutter - TKT; Courier - MMK Express Ltd; Post Production Facility - Visionworks; Dubbing Mixers - Douglas Murray, Gerry Roche; Sound Editor - John Stevenson; Dubbing Studio - Ardmore Sound; A Premiere Film funded by Belfast City Council, Northern Ireland Film Commission and Ulster Television, with the participation of British Screen.



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