The Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf

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04min 48sec




35mm, film



Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission


British Screen, Northern Ireland Screen

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British Screen, Northern Ireland Screen

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The Rules of Golf is about the 'code of the street' and of a young boy trying to live within that code.


Cast - Boy - Andrew Buck; Heavy 1 - McLean Stewart; Heavy 2 - Martin Dodds; Doctor - Gerard McCartney; Nurse - Liz Milligan; RUC Constable - Drew Thompson; Friends - Stephen Dempsey, Martin Morgan, Ciaran Nolan, Martin McCann, Dominic Marley; Hospital Staff - Patrick Maguire, Sarah Taggart; Production Company - New Moon Pictures; Executive Producer - Paul Largan; Writer - John Morrison; Producer - Michael McGeagh; Director - Hugh McGrory; Director of Photography - Damien Elliott; Focus Puller - Eric Greenberg; Clapper Loader - Angus Mitchell; Camera Trainee - Paddy McCabe; Sound - David Kilpatrick; Location Manager - Claire McBride; Grip - Glynn Harrison; First Assistant Director - Colin McIvor; Second Assistant Director / Continuity - Niamh O'Sullivan; Make up Designer - Pamela Smyth; Production Designer - Kevin McCabe; Scenic Artist - Martina McBearity; Art Director - Leigh Anne Ryanczak; Wardrobe - Greig Keyes; Gaffer - Brian Livingstone; Electrician - Colin Irwin; Stunt driver - Robert Gyle; Tracking Vehicle Driver - Davy McDowell; Runner - John Kelly, Burt Jones; Production Trainee - Craig Sheridan, Christopher Burns; NIFC Focus Production Manager Trainee - Alastair Brown; NIFC Focus Production Trainee - Terry Laverty; Casting Niamh O'Sullivan, Patrick Duncan; Location Catering - The Chef & I; Lights - Film Lighting Facilities (NI); Camera and Lenses - Panavision (IRE); Grip Equipment - Light Grip; Action Vehicles - G&H Film and Television Services; Stock - Kodak Ireland; Laboratory - Colour Film Services Ltd; Neg Cutters - TKT; Avid Editor - Derek Jones; Off Line Facilities - The Picture House; Dubbing Mixer - Douglas Murray; Dubbing Facilities - Ardmore Sound; Stills Photographer - Lisa Carville; Couriers - MMK Express; Titles - Screen Opticals; Insurance - John Ansell & Partners; A Premiere Film funded by Belfast City Council, Northern Ireland Film Commission and Ulster Television with the participation of British Screen.



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