Na Cleamairí

Na Cleamairí

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Armagh Rhymers






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Na Cleamairí, the Armagh Rhymers, is one of Ireland’s most celebrated folk theatre ensembles. They have delighted audiences all over the world with their unique blend of music, drama, song and dance. This new documentary looks at how the ancient tradition of ‘mumming’ has survived in Ireland through the modern day activities of the Armagh Rhymers.

Rich in music and storytelling, this film explores the creative world of Na Cleamairí, their work and performances giving us an insight into the very oldest, earthiest aspects of our Celtic culture in Ireland. Na Cleamairí is a Súil Eile on this world and features great festivals such as Bealtaine, Lunasa, Samhain and Lá an Dreoilín.  

Steeped in a closeness to the earth and old Irish customs, we look at this weird and wonderful tradition through the eyes of those who still devote their lives to it and pass it on to the next generation in schools and at events all over Ireland.

The film will educate and entertain the audience while also carrying a deep underlying message that it is important to cherish and protect your heritage and culture and to pass on these traditions to the next generation – and having a bit of craic at the same time!



‘Mumming’ is a tradition that is deeply rooted in Irish folklore. With origins dating back as far as the Stone Age, the masked tradition of 'mumming' in Ulster dates back 2500 years. In the ancient annals of Ulster, men in tall conical masks are mentioned as chief entertainers to King Conor, who lived at the royal fort of Emain Macha. Now, in 2012, this ancient Celtic tradition is alive and well in Co. Armagh.


Na Cleamairí is directed by Gavin Halpin, produced by Gráinne Mc Guinness and edited by Stephen Petticrew. Produced by Paper Owl Films.



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